New England Forensic Document Examiners

Are you the victim of a forgery?

A forged signature or an altered document can turn your world upside down in an instant.

You might be looking at your own forged signature on a check or a deed.
Maybe you find yourself unexpectedly cut out of a will.
Perhaps your medical records have been tampered with.

The experience is horrifying and you should not have to go through this alone. You need and deserve the help of an expert forensic document examiner to help you to find the truth.

The services of New England Document Examiners are not just for attorneys or law enforcement professionals. Any individual who has a question concerning a forged or altered document, or has received an anonymous or threatening leatter, deserves to be heard, deserves to get a professional opinion on the issue, and deserves to get back their peace of mind. A detailed, professional 'Letter of Opinion' from a forensic document examiner will often make a guilty party back down, and 9 out of 10 cases are then quickly settled out of court.

Please give us a call at New England Forensic Document Examiners for a free ½ hour consultation, and we will be able to determine how we can help. Even if your case concerns a foreign language document please call us and even if we are not able to help you, we will refer you through our worldwide network of professional document examiners.

If you decide to hire us after your FREE consultation, you can rest assured that:

1. We will give your case our prompt attention, but we will not give you an opinion until we do a
         careful examination your materials in our lab
2. We will give you our expert and honest assessment concerning your document:
         we cannot and will not “suit our opinion to match the client”
3. We will provide you with a second opinion, at no extra cost to you, so you can feel confident in our findings
4. We can provide a verbal opinion or written opinion (or both), depending on your needs
5. We can appear at depositions and provide courtroom testimony as expert witness,
        locally, nationally and also internationally, if required- depending on availability.
6. We show you our fee schedule, up front, on this site, so there are no unpleasant surprises.

Examples of documents which can be forged or altered:

    Wills and Living Wills
    Contracts for the purchase of a home, car or luxury item
    Checks or bankcards
    Bills for items or services you never bought or ordered
    Court documents
    Prenuptial agreements and divorce papers
    Child custody and/or child support documents
    Hospital documents and other medical records
    Insurance records
    Threatening or anonymous letters

Call for a FREE consultation: (413) 717-0254


We are not attorneys. We do not dispense legal advice in any fashion. If you want legal advice, you must consult a licensed attorney in your state.
All fees must be paid before services are rendered and are non-refundable

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